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Maya Bedroom - More Images and Dimensions

Maya Bedroom

Bedroom Furniture Modern Bedrooms QS and KS Maya Bedroom


Roble Montana
Grafito Mate

KUFFERT Headboard
CLASS Bedframe
TOP Bedside table

Size of the KING headboard YM 08:
206 + 66 + 66 = 338cm (133.07")
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Collection: Garcia Sabate Spain by ESF

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Set Piece   Width " Depth " Height " Volume cu ft Weight lbs

2837150 Headboard KUFFERT QS with light


2837150 Headboard KUFFERT KS with light


283763 Set of lateral panels with shelves KUFFERT


6885 Bedframe CLASS QS

Needs wooden slats frame

6885 Bedframe CLASS KS

Needs wooden slats frame

C3063 Unit TOP 1 drawer - glass topboard 63 cms.


3063 Bedside table TOP 1 drawer 63 cms.